Anthony Grullon — Some Thoughts on Leadership

Leadership, according to Anthony Grullon, is the ability to influence others, with or without authority.
All successful endeavors are the result of human effort; thus, the ability to influence others is a derivation of
- Interpersonal Communications
- Conflict Management
- Problem solving

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Interpersonal effectiveness is the capability of an individual to do this, influence others, competently.
Leadership is a direct function of three elements of interpersonal effectiveness

Personality Indicators

Extraversion: type E, sociable,

about 75%,

expends energy

interacts with others freely

Introversion: type I, territorial,

about 25% conserves energy
reads meditates
solves problems

intuitive: type N, creative, about 25% ingenious, future-oriented, fantasizes, imaginative

Sensing: type S, practical, about 75% experience-oriented, utility, sensible

Do you see the world in terms of your senses? Do you like the facts before starting work? Do you like dealing with the details of a project rather than the overall plan? You are likely Sensing.

  • Or do you think in terms of the big picture, in terms of concepts and ideas, rather than the information involved? Put down intuitive.

Self Evaluation

What is my personality type?

Take the test.

Be as honest as you can, only you will see the results.

List the answers on the chart.

Evaluate the results.

Do you concur?

Do you understand yourself?

Leadership Strategies

Anthony Grullon main focus of this plan is the goal and the audience, for there is no fixed content for this plan.

To prepare this plan the knowledge of human resources management, finance, intellectual property management, supply chain management, operations and many others are necessary.

Leadership Styles

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